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NotifyDroid is a simple notification application using the GCM (Google Cloud Messaging) 

It is possible to easily notify through web API. Naturally notification from the terminal is also available 

To the terminal which is correlated string to the User (google account) It is possible to be notified at the same time 

List of notification history.
You can deleted .
You can see the API key.
You can see the webAPI for sending the API.
You can see the devices that are registered to the account.
You can cancel the registered device.
You can register/release of the device.
You can set the receipt of the notification.
Log out.
It will cancel the registration of the device.
To the Help page.
API Sample Linux Cmd
curl https://xdroid.net/api/message?k=api_key_is_displayed_on_the_app&t=title&c= content&u=http://notification_you_want_to_URL
curl https://xdroid.net/api/message -X POST -d "k=api_key_is_displayed_on_the_app" -d "t=title" -d "c=content" -d "u=http://notification_you_want_URL"

API Send Form
-- Immunity from responsibility --
Direct and indirect damage caused by the use of this service, loss regarding such,
It does not take that responsibility.
This service may stop or terminate without notice delivery
Excessive load on the server is consuming,
If it is determined that an effect on production,
There is a case where I am allowed to restrict the use.